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Our mission is simple: we want to connect the world’s best Doctors and Healthcare technologies with patients worldwide, and assist you with a customized trip & service approach, so that your healing path will be as easy and effortless as it should be; all sided with the benefits of tourism in Italy.

Personalized Healthcare, made easy.

Medical Tourism Italy (MTI) was born from a vision which is also a very elementary need. MTI allows people suffering from the most diverse pathologies to have access to the most effective treatments performed by the best doctors in the most well equipped medical facilities in Italy. At the same time, through MTI, patients will be able to do all of this in Italy, whose healthcare is ranked number 1 in Europe and only number 2 worldwide (Bloomberg Statistics 2017), as well as being the healthiest country worldwide.

MTI’s dedicated focus to each pathology has moved the company’s growth towards developing a special safe path for all our patients. MTI’s innovative Personal Health Planning Service offers complete assistance in facing and arranging every step towards the improvement of the quality of life the patients is aiming to.

Through MTI, each person will discover the best therapy and treatments necessary for their own condition; they will have assistance and support by our fully bilingual staff during the whole period of stay in Italy; they will feel secure even after the treatment thanks to MTI’s Follow-Up Service.

Rheumatology is MTI’s crown jewel branch. In fact, our patients have the unique chance to access therapy paths, which are successful, beneficial and state-of-art that no other country in the world is able to offer. Internationally awarded Specialist doctors who believe in the treatment of the whole person will follow them (see CRPS and Fibromyalgia).

Our Services

Medical Tourism Italy’s service list has a dedicated page; what we do and prepare for our patients goes way beyond mere bridge servicing and connecting patients with Doctors. Have a look at what personalized healthcare really means, and click this button for our Full list of services



Request any information, we will get back to you with what you need within 1 business day.


We work with a list of the best equipped and experienced Hotels, perfect for the patients.


We process payments through the latest security technologies online. No more currency problems.


We have several tourism suggestions available as a complementary healing activity, included in the service.


Thanks to our priority lane with the most advanced Medical Centers, you won’t have to wait.


Your Personal Health Planner will be available to you at all times, including during the whole Treatment.


You won’t feel lost or not in control. Your Personal Health Planner will translate everything for you at any time.


When you are back home, we will monitor your progress and keep you in touch with your Italian Doctors.

Discover Italy’s wonders

Combine your stay in Italy and your Treatment options with touristic experiences and routes; traveling for your health shouldn’t mean having a hard time.

Feels like home

Or even better.

Multidisciplinary treatment plans tailored on your needs, with full support for any specific requirements you might have, dedicated follow-up, clear communication and the possibility to bring with you a caretaker…and more.

Why Choose Us


Free Medical Counseling

We are the only international Medical Tourism Agency offering completely free-of-charge online counseling. You can start talking with a Patient Care Coordinator right away.


24 / 7 Dedicated Support

If you decide to let us help, you’ll be completely safe and sound. When you’ll be in Italy, you’ll always have your Personal Health Planner by your side, just one phone call away.


The Best Doctors and Researchers

We have carefully crafted our selection of Doctors, who are the best in their fields, recognized worldwide for their unique achievements and skills.


Online payments, made easy

Plenty of flexible options on how to proceed with payments. Online Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Transfer Wise, and so much more.


Online personalized Follow Up

Six months of personalized Follow-up with the same Health Planner you already know and have bonded with. You won’t be left alone after your treatment.

Meet your Personal

Health Planners.

DiegoFederica and Emilie are our Senior Health Planners. They have been with Medical Tourism Italy for years, and have seen so many different cases and patients, and are still in touch with many of them. This is what’s special about the way we have re imagined Healthcare. 

A patient isn’t to us a number to fit in a box. We care for our patient’s global satisfaction and happiness, and nonetheless, safety and recovery.

Diego Gonzales

Diego Gonzales

Senior Health Planner

Emilie Rigaud

Emilie Rigaud

Senior Health Planner

Sandra Brankovic

Sandra Brankovic

Senior Health Planner

Frequently Asked Questions


Traveling to a foreign country for Medical Reason can be a Concern; especially when you’re going to a Country where English is not a Lingua Franca.

With Medical Tourism Italy, your Personal Health Planner will be taking care of all details of your experience, from the dates of treatment, the arranging of your accommodation, the driving you since your landing at the airport, to the treatments and hotels, back to the airport and all the way to make you feel just like home: we select only English speaking Hotels, we are your interpreters throughout the days of your stay, and we are at your side during the Treatments.

These are the summed-up points of which you’ll never need to worry about:

  • Treatment
  • Interpreting
  • Driving
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • Side therapies
  • Booking and accessing to priority lane
How fast the evaluation and trip scheduling is?

We will need to collect some medical records of yours, and we will process with the evaluation remotely, directly through the selected facility. This normally takes a couple of working days for the Doctors to be able to revise the case.

Thanks to our Priority Line service, you can have access to the treatment within a couple of working weeks.

What's a Personal Health Planner

They are the professionals that will directly manage your case and stay in Italy. They will be the link between you, the medical facility and your hotel. They’ll be by your side during your treatment, support you and translate everything, ensuring the perfect communication and the best experience for you. They will also be in charge of your Follow-up once you’re back and help you evaluate your recovery.


All of our services are designed to provide the best and most supportive assistance for the patients. The Health Planner will be there to arrange your treatment dates and offer you the best communication environment.

You can decide to have your Health Planner also arrange your accommodation and drive you and your caregiver around, side therapies can be added to your treatment plan, and you will be able to request specific kinds of Hotel (luxury and standard) and of assistance (24/7 or only during the therapies).

Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction during the journey of your Medical Treatment, so we are always open to receive personalized requests.

Do you offer a special accomodation?

We are aware that your condition requires the best care, which is why we provide an accommodation service that includes qualified hotels that are familiar with international customers and can offer a Restaurant service.

According to your requests, we made agreements with local hotels close – so you will be a few minutes away from your Health Planner 24/7 – and hotels close to the clinic where you will receive the treatment.

Special furniture can be added to your plan too, such as orthopedic mattresses, cover tubes, special pillows and wheelchairs. 

Where in Italy does the treatment take place?

We work with several medical facilities around the Verona, Padova and Vicenza areas. According to the hospital and Doctors’ availability, we will be able to book the treatment.

How does the Follow Up program works?

Your Health Planner will stay in touch with you for the six months after the treatment to support you and monitor your recovery.

During this time, you will see your body adjusting to the Therapy and have the time to learn and improve in your Rehabilitation exercises. Your Health Planner will be by your side supporting and allowing you to stay in touch with the Doctors who followed you in Italy.

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