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According to the International Medical Travel Journal, global medical tourism is expected to grow by 20% per year, reaching 60 million people. Millions of people around the world have already started reconsidering their perspective and priorities about HealthCare.
In an era when all consider traveling the oceans for tourism and entertainment, it is a natural consequence to do the same when our Health, the most precious good we have, is at stake.


Years after years, we have been allowing international patients to have access to one of the world best HealthCare. We have created a network including the best Italian Doctors and Facilities. A personalized medical team will follow your case with a Patient-Centered approach on a Multidisciplinary level, ensuring the best medical care achievable for your condition. Italy is the only gateway to CRPS TREATMENT, and hosts some of the world-leading Doctors and Technologies for ONCOLOGY, CARDIOLOGY and ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY.

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If the medical condition you are looking for is not in the list, please contact us!

Doctors, united.

Associating with highly specialized Doctors and Research Teams, we had a very clear mission in mind: creating a Network allowing us to help as many patients as possible, with the best medical teams Italy has to offer.

How we choose our Medical Partners


Internationally Awarded Specialized Doctors

A fundamental aspect of our job is Networking. We carefully select the best Doctors in their fields and create unique collaborations, meant to deliver the best healthcare to international patients.


Medical University Researchers and Research teams

We work side by side with the most qualified Italian Medical Universities for research and the latest technologies and protocols regarding Healthcare and Patient’s quality of life.


Patented breakthrough treatments for rare conditions.

Last but not least, we do not work with aesthetic surgery centres, hair growth, cosmetic surgery or dentistry. We only focus on those rare conditions for which Italy is the best destination possible. 

Meet your Personal Health Planner

With Medical Tourism Italy, you will not have to worry about anything except for booking the flight. Our staff takes care of everything else for you and your caregiver: from your landing in Italy to your take off back home (and even after that, with 6 months of dedicated Follow Up plan!)
Our experienced, English-speaking team will advise and follow you step by step; Our staff is all bilingual English-Italian and well prepared in medical terminology, with special knowledge in medical terms and treatments. They will work on your case prior to your arrival in Italy to arrange the documents needed by Italian Doctors, in order to evaluate your specific needs and options. They will be your direct contact and no language barriers will be there since the very beginning!

Moreover, Medical Tourism Italy offer a team of competent counsellors that will always be at your side to make sure that your Experience is an all-rounder healing journey, with no stress and no hassle with bureaucracy and waiting lists.

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We’ve got you covered

Your Personal Task Force at your Service.

Our goal is to simplify all the stressing, time and energy consuming process of getting proper Medical Health Care abroad. When deciding to take a trip to the perfect destination to take care of your Health, a series of uncomfortable hurdles can happen; from the handling of a Visa to the International Bureaucracy, to finding the right Hotel which knows how to treat a Chronic Pain patient, to handling the driving around, not to mention all the translation, the currency changes, and the feelings of being vulnerable in a foreign and unknown Country. That’s what we are here for.
We facilitate all of the technicalities of the trip leaving only one thing for you to do: heal, recover and rest, totally assured of the availability of your Personal Health Planner for any of your needs.


Request any information, we will get back to you with what you need within 1 business day.


We work with a list of the best equipped and experienced Hotels, perfect for the patients.


We process payments through the latest security technologies online. No more currency problems.


We have several tourism suggestions available as a complementary healing activity, included in the service.


Driving will not be a burden, as your Health Planner knows the streets so well! Let us take care of you.


Thanks to our priority lane with the most advanced Medical Centers, you won’t have to wait.


Your Personal Health Planner will be available to you at all times, including during the whole Treatment.


You won’t feel lost or not in control. Your Personal Health Planner will translate everything for you at any time.


Your Health Planner will be waiting for you at the Airport to pick you. We will of course also bring you back too.


When you are back home, we will monitor your progress and keep you in touch with your Italian Doctors.


Food & Wine

Italy’s gastronomic and winemaking culture is renowned worldwide. We have bookings at the best Restaurants, wine-tasting trails and more.

Nature Trails & Landscapes

Veneto is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy; Vicenza is immersed in the Berici Hills, a land of peace and quiet where to restore the senses.

Art & Culture

Italy is unequivocally one of the world’s countries which is the most filled with cultural and artistic treasures, from all historic ages.

Rest. Recover. Heal.

One of the most underestimated sides of treatment is the importance of proper recovery and the crucial role that stress and mind positivity play in all healing processes. Thanks to our strategical positioning in our wonderful country, we are able to design the Touristic sightseeing of your choices, within the time of your stay for your Treatment. Travel to Italy: it is the future of healthcare.

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