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Professor Doctor Gabriele Antonini is the Medical Director at the “U.Bracci” Department of Urology at Policlinico Umberto I° in Rome, has specialized and refined Minimal Invasive Surgery procedures which are uniques in the Andrology field, and represents the State of the Art in Penile Implants and urologic surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction

MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY TECHNIQUE with Infra-pubic approach, for a perfectly functional erection that looks and feels authentic.

Urinary Incontinence

The AMS 800 device is used to treat urinary incontinence due to resistance to urinary flow in the urethra/bladder. 

Plasma Cells

Increased feelings of pleasure with improved sexual performance and a drastic reduction in penile curvature in case of deformity

taking back control of your sex life, is your right.

Penile Implant Surgery

Professor Antonini is the only one in Europe to make use of the minimally invasive technique for the implantation of tricomponent hydraulic penile prosthetics of Miami’s Prof. Paul Perito. He regularly carries out specialist training at the University La Sapienza in Rome, and is an active collaborator at Coral Gables Hospital of Miami in Florida, working with Prof. Perito on Italian patients in the United States of America.

The AMS 700 LGX PRECONNECTED IZ MOMENTARY SQUEEZE™ is a tricomponent hydraulic penile prosthetic made of pure silicon elastomer. 

It is used for the definitive treatment of erectile impotence and is implantable by suprapubic or penoscrotal surgery.

It is operated hydraulically. By means of the pump, liquid is tranferred from the reservoir to the cylinders.

The distinctive feature is that the cylinders, formed by three liners, from a position of absolute natural flaccidity, expand in perfect adherence to the corpora cavernosa, thus obtaining turgidity of the penis. The LGX model has the characteristic, unique in its genre, beyond increasing the circumference, of increasing the length as well, by 15-20% of the length of the cylinders.

Hydraulic Penile Prosthesis Implants

International Colaborations

Male Genital Interventions

Several Treatments for E.D.

Erectyle Disfunction is a very common condition; literally every man in the course of his life will encounter momentary problems, but sometimes a real expert is required to regain control and enjoyment of your sex life.

Dedicated Visit and Procedure

The visit and procedure plus recovery time take place in Italy, the duration of the treatment between the pre and post operation is of one week. We always advise additional recovery time at our Medical Hotel.

Dedicated Professional After Care

After your Andro-Urological procedure, you’ll get the best post operatory aftercare by the Doctors and Nursing stuff of the Hospital, plus the dedicated care of your Personal Health Planner.

Dual Implantation

Artificial Urinary Sphincter

Erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence because of sphincter deficiency are relatively common condition and easily fixable, as a last resort, with the implantation of prosthetic devices.

Radical prostatectomy constitutes a major cause of the simultaneous presence of both the problems and in recent years it has been proposed to have the simultaneous operation of penile prosthesis and prosthetic sphincter. If you had prostatectomy and are experiencing urinary incontinence and Erectile dysfunction at the same time, we invite you to talk to one of our Personal Health Planners, who will schedule a visit with Professor Antonini for you. 

Plasma Cells enriched for erectile dysfunction


The Prp therapy combined strength to all those people who for various reasons no longer respond to treatment with inhibitors of phosphodiesterase type 5, the famous love pills. Some patients have even reported an increase in length and circumference penis and sexual desire“says Gabriele Antonini, urologist-andrologist of Rome, who collaborated with colleagues Joseph Banno in Chicago and Paul Perito in Miami.

Increased feelings of pleasure with improved sexual performance and a drastic reduction in penile curvature in case of deformity. These are the results achieved from the procedure with enriched plasma (Platelet Rich Plasma), used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and penis induratio plastic.



of men in their 50 are living with E.D.

You are not alone

Millions of men worldwide.

One of the most difficult aspect of E.D. and other Andrologic problems are the psychological and social consequences. It’s very easy to feel like your pride and confidence are endangered or shaken by these conditions. Yet, Millions of men worldwide are facing your same situation. 

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