Travel to Italy

Home of the healthiest ranked people of the planet: a land of treasures for you to enjoy.

Berici Hills
at just 2 kms from our Headquarters

Food & Wine

Italy’s gastronomic and winemaking culture is renowned worldwide. We have bookings at the best Restaurants of the Region, wine-tasting trails and more.

Nature Trails & Landscapes

Veneto is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy; Vicenza is immersed in the Berici Hills, a land of peace and quiet where to restore the senses.

Art & Culture

Italy is unequivocally one of the world’s countries which is the most filled with cultural and artistic treasures, from all historic ages.

Palladian Architecture

Discover the incredible richness in Architecture and Sculpture of Palladian’s Villas, Sacred buildings and more. A style that has defined a whole artistic genre.


Home of Andrea Palladio, of the Authentic Olympic Theatre, and of Medical Tourism Italy. A gem to visit and enjoy.


William Shakespeare has fallen in love with Verona, where the Story of Romeo and Juliet was set. You will too, enjoying the amazing sightseeing and the Opera at the Arena.


Venice doesn’t really need an introduction. World famous for its timeless beauty and uniqueness, home of the most famous Carnival in the world, and touristic destination of 25 million people per year. With its canals and the romantic setting, you find amazement and wonderful discovery at every turn; and with the help and presence of our Personal Health Planner, you’ll get to know Venice as Venetian people do!


Travel to Italy

We believe people who have travelled across the world to get to the treatment of their choice actually deserve more than simple Medical Travel; you’ve come this far trusting us, and we want to make your stay in Italy unforgettable.

We have contacts with the best Hotels, Restaurants and touristic facilities; but there’s more! Your Personal Health Planner is going to be available to you 24/7, being a real tour guide, interpreter and facilitator!

Postcard from veneto

Our Head Quarters are at only 30 miles from Venice

At only 40 minutes by Car or Train from Venezia, our Headquarters are strategically positioned to easily reach every touristic attraction of your choice

Rest. Recover. Heal.

One of the most underestimated sides of treatment is the importance of proper recovery and the crucial role that stress and mind positivity play in all healing processes. Thanks to our strategical positioning in our wonderful country, we are able to design the Touristic sightseeing of your choices, within the time of your stay for your Treatment. Travel to Italy: it is the future of healthcare.

Plan a VisitWhat to Expect

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A Time to Heal.

Several studies showed how the Holistic side of healing is important in patients, especially those dealing with Chronic Pain and Chronic Fatigue. We know the illnesses we cover with our treatment plans, we have gained lots of experience about the patient’s needs and the best ways they can benefit from relaxation and rest.

When the trigger of pain is removed, or in those cases where the pain is taken under control, our mind also needs rehabilitation; it has been rewired through time into being used to stress. While this had made the patients we help strong warriors, unfortunately, it also made them more subjective to a slower healing.

A severely stressed mind compromises the immune system, making the recovery more complicated.

Not only we make sure during the 6 months of follow-up that all the Doctors’ prescriptions are being followed successfully, but we also have Massotherapyphysiotherapy and rehabilitation therapy available through our certified medical experts.


But there’s more.

Italy is an European country with a long coastline on the Mediterranean, and has left a deep imprint on culture and Western cuisine. The capital, Rome, hosts the Vatican, masterpieces of Art and remains of antiquity. Other cities include Florence, with Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s David and Brunelleschi’s Dome, Venice, the city of canals, and Milan, the Italian capital of fashion.

All of these major landmarks are surely more than worth a visit (or two), but what leaves everybody breathless about Italy is how everywhere the landscapes, nature, culture and Art are present, enriching the quality of life and the beauty of the experience of spending time in Italy.






First Step

You decide if you want to enjoy Tourism. If so, the Personal Health Planner will present all the different options.


The first thing we take care of, after you are settled and relaxed, is the first visit with your Doctor and the start of Treatment


Saturday is the perfect day to enjoy your Touristic choice; you’re going to be leaving ideally on Sunday, therefore you have a full day to enjoy whichever entertainment plan of your choice.


The only thing you have to take care of is booking your favorite flights; this way you have total control over how much you spend on the trip.


In between Therapy Cycles you will have the free choice between just taking a day off at your Hotel or enjoying a first bit of Tourism during these breaks

Flying back

We will drive you back to the Airport and escort you to your check-in, making sure there are no problems with your reservation or any other technicality

Pick Up

Upon arrival, your Personal Health Planner will be there to pick you up and drive you safely and with no stress to your Hotel.

Side Therapies

Rehabilitation, Physiotherapy, CBT and much more. Depending on your condition, your week will be balanced between therapy and side therapies, and the Touristic possibilities in between these days.

Follow up

For 6 months after you’ve returned home, we will be in touch with you to check on your progresses and offer you support and information on how to obtain the most out of the Therapy.


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