CRPS Treatment

Bringing CRPS / RSD patients to remission thanks to the Neridronate Treatment.

CRPS (also known as RSD, or Algodistrophy) is a rare condition, promoting an intense inflammatory process to the tissues, including the skin, muscles, bones.

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If you are an RSD / CRPS Patient and you need an immediate consultation and a quote estimate for the Neridronate Treatment, you can get in touch with a Personal Health Planner right away from here.

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Free Consult

Get in touch with our Personal Health Planners specifically trained in CRPS / RSD. You will get a free consultation and all the informations you need. The Personal Health Planner will investigate all the best solutions for your specific case.

Medical Review

The Medical Team we work with will request some of your medical records in order to evaluate your case and propose the best Treatment Plan. Once the Treatment Plan has been submitted, you will also get a personalized quotation.

Trip and Followup

Once you decide you want to proceed with the Treatment and you get to Italy, your Personal Health Planner will deliver full assistance until you’re back home, where you’ll be followed personally on your progresses.

Our Treatment Plan

Medical Tourism Italy’s CRPS Treatment is the most successful therapy plan developed especially for RSD / CRPS by the best team of Italian Neurologists, Rheumatologists and Chronic Pain Specialists.


More than just a shot

Neridronate is a bisphosponate, and it is the election medication to treat the CRPS condition. Its efficency was discovered and certified by Doctor Silvano Adami and his team. Although Neridronate is the most effective medication that will keep the patient off other dangerous and addictive drugs, the CRPS team has found out that the combination of several approaches, aside from just the Neridronate infusions, is the treatment that gets the highest percentage of patients to remission. Our Patient Centered Multidisciplinary Approach involves CBT, Phisiotherapy, Heliotherapy, all in combination with a 24/7 total care by our Personal Health Planners.


About Neridronate

Since the FDA has halted the Trials for Neridronate, many CRPS Patients have been mislead to think that the therapy doesn’t work. Here is all the truth about the Neridronate efficiency, with proven scientific results, approved by AIFA.

Watch their stories.

On our website you can find all the additional informations you will need. There is also a specific section where we have all our Patients Testimonies, so that you can see for yourself the results of our Treatment.

Together we can STOP CRPS.