Diego, your Personal Health Planner

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Hello, I am Diego and I am a Medical Tourism Italy’s Personal Health Planner.

I chose to work for Medical Tourism Italy because I think that this is the future of Healthcare. I majored in Philosophy in 2017 and my studies taught me how to show empathy with people going through hard times. When I finished school, I immediately jumped on board because it was huge opportunity for my personal growth and a rare one, to actually use what I have studied and what I love.

CRPS Treatment was the first branch in Medical Tourism Italy and it put me in contact with people battling with one of the most painful conditions ever. Italy has a real option for the treatment of this condition and it was a pleasure for me to stay with true warriors, brave enough to take long flights to find a solution not available elsewhere.

Going on with my career, I realized that these people are heroes: when life becomes extremely difficult it is very hard to understand that doctors can only offer what is available in their country and that it is worth searching other options around the world. The whole idea behind this project is to make this process easy and clear for patients from anywhere.

I have always believed that the best things can come out of the worse and I try my best to pass this message on to the people I assist. I like to see people relaxing and enjoying themselves even if they are not in this beautiful country for tourism. I found that a friendly and relaxed environment is an actual part of the treatment and, although I had no medical background at the time, I could really help. Italy itself does a lot of the work by being the fascinating country that it is and I try to add the “little things”.

Of course, I do my best to be serious and professional while with a patient, translating everything in the communication with the doctors.

This is what I do and why I love what I do: it is something that puts me in contact with very different type of people facing a disease or a condition. It is a real pleasure to adjust to individual needs and meeting some of the greatest doctors in the world.

I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be part of what I think is the future of Healthcare: a global one.


Some pictures of me with my Patients