Medical Tourism Italy is a company that allows you to access to special medical treatments that are not available or not always accessible in other countries. In other terms is an healthcare facilitator that helps you find the best doctors and clinics.


We also strive to approach Healthcare from a revolutionary standpoint, moving the focus of the business from treating as many patients as possible, to reaching the most goals possible; the goal being deliver the best treatment and the best outcome to patients, through Personalized Healthcare and a 100% Patient Centered Approach. That’s why the most important figure in our company is the Personal Health Planner. They are the trained professionals in charge of being your point of contact and making sure that you get the best and full attentions as possible during your stay in Italy.


Our services are:


  • Free Online Counseling
  • Hospitality & Services Booking
  • Online Secure Payment Options
  • Travel Guide
  • No waiting list
  • 24/7 Assistance
  • Personal Interpreter
  • 6 Months Follow Up




Free Online Counseling


The most common thing that might come to mind while visiting our website might be: How much will all of this cost? Will I have to pay even to just get the informations I need? The answer is zero.

This healthcare consulting organization answers all your requests of information and helps you find the best solution possible, completely free of charge! We believe in revolutionizing the concept of Healthcare itself, and want our patients to be fully aware of all the options possible. Of course, we will give feedback maintaining the high quality standards which are part of our Mission, only pointing patients towards the best solution.





Hospitality & Service Booking


So often people are treated differently when they become a Patient; unfortunately, this tends to happen in a wrong way. Instead of being treated even better than a normal customer, a patient is often treated as a number to deal with. We beg to differ. We want our patients to be treated in the best way possible and as the human beings they are. Nobody ever said that just because you are suffering a condition you should settle with the bare minimum; we think you deserve the highest comfort possible. That’s why Medical Tourism Italy team offer you the best medical hotels in which you can rely on an experienced staff and perform your physiotherapy or other requested side treatments, directly where you stay, and benefit from SPA, wellness centers, orthopedic mattresses and much more. Of course our Personal Health Planner will assist you in every single moment.


Online Secure payment Options


When you decide that you want to access treatments with the Medical Team that has been assigned to you by your Personal Health Planner, you might start to wonder “will it be safe to send the payment oversea? Is this a solid Company?”.

We offer several different paying methods, including Wire Transfer, Online Secured Credit Card payments, and even split payments. Furthermore, we are working on opening to other online payment platforms such as Paypal, TransferWise and many others.





Travel Guide


It is not only a medical journey, it can be an unforgettable travel experience; after all Italy is not just the number 1 Ranking Healthiest Country in the world, but is also one of the most beautiful places to visit, filled with Culture, Art, incredible cuisine and gourmet experiences waiting for you, not to mention the wine tasting and sightseeing. You will be able to explore the beautiful city of Venice, the Castle in Marostica, Verona, Vicenza, Bassano, Verona, and all that’s in between! 

No waiting lists


Or for better saying, extremely short ones; we are talking about 1 to 3 weeks waiting lists. You will arrive at the Clinic with your private healthcare assistant who will help you with the medical translations and you will be able to start the treatment right away. 






24/7 Assistance


Our Personal Health Planner is the healthcare assistant who is 24/7 at your service. If you have some kind of problems or you want to go to a specific special place in Veneto, you can call him/her and they will answer all your questions and assist you. Of course the Personal Health Planner will come to pick you up at the airport and naturally take you back there when it’s time to go, helping you to the check-in desk. Your only concern will be to relax, recover and enjoy Italy.

Personal Interpreters


The Health Planner is here for you. This figure is a trained professional that will cover all your requests and will do the live translations of all your conversations with our italian doctors and all the translation of your medical documents as well.

6 Months Follow Up


We guarantee a 6 months follow-up, during which we’ll take care of you once you go back to your country. We will send you documents, videos from your Italian physiotherapist and exercises to follow for a better recovery and healing. We do phone calls, video calls and we carefully monitor if everything is progressing the right way.  The Personal Health Planner that has followed your case in Italy will be the one in charge of your Follow-up, so you’ll already feel familiar with whom you’re in touch with.

Not Alone


Our team is at your service. We are aware that you’re traveling to a foreign country for very sensitive reasons, that you don’t know the language, and that you might be thinking that it will be a nerve wrecking experience to travel this far away from home for your therapy. This is not the case. You will always have your Personal Health Planner by your side, and you will not feel vulnerable nor lost, far away from home.