A new, trialed and official Treatment Plan developed by the Italian task force of Doctors specialized in Fibromyalgia diagnosis and medication, with a multidisciplinary approach and proven results, masterfully tailored on your case.

EV & Pharmacologic Treatment

A balanced pharmacologic Fibromyalgia Medication plan to remove the pain triggers and facilitate the healing process

Osteopathy & Massage Therapy

A dedicate plan involving several rheumatologic specialists to rewire your pain sensation receptors and significantly ease Fibromyalgia symptoms

CBT & Phisiotherapy

Top level personalized Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Phisiotherapy for durable results, as living with Fibromyalgia also impacts our psyche

What is Fibromyalgia?

Many people wonder: is Fibromyalgia real? Fibromyalgia is an extremely debilitating and sometimes disabling condition. The patient feels pain in the whole body for relatively long periods of time: it may affect sensibility on the articulations,  muscles, tendons and other soft tissues. Along with the pain, Fybromialgia also causes fatigue that may be chronic, sleep disorders, headache, depression and even anxiety.

Fibromyalgia causes

The causes of fibromyalgia, up to this moment, are unknown. However, many factors are frequently associated to this condition:

  • Genetics: Fibromyalgia is very recurrent in people who’s family medical history already shows the condition. This could be an indicator of the existance of some genetic mutations capable of causing this syndrome;
  • Infections through viruses or autoimmune disease could also be involved in causing Fibromyalgia;
  • Simple sleep disorders, a sedentary life style, anxiety or depression could also be linked to some forms of the condition;
  • A physical or emotional trauma, like stress, could trigger fibromyalgia as well.

Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

With persistent pain, the patient needs to visit a rheumatologist. The specialist perform a Fibromyalgia Test on the patient who will manifest about 11 or 18 spots in which it will show at least muscular pain (Fibromyalgia symptoms checklist). Before the doctor can diagnose the condition, however, he has to rule out any other condition like, for example, simple rheumatic pain or sleep disorders: studies show 18 different Fibromyalgia Trigger Points in the human body that characterize the syndrome by manifesting pain or hypersensitivity at the touch or the pressure.

Research and scientific data

A consistent therapy plan developed entirely by Doctor Domenico Biasi and his task force.

Studies have been slowly progressing all around the world, with poor to no results; normally, the treatment plans offer drug therapy aimed to reduce the pain. In Italy, we have an historic tradition on rheumatology research, and since always we have been one of the leading countries in the treatment of these condtions. That’s why we also are first in the world treating Algodistrophy (RSD CRPS); the same Doctors who masters the CRPS Neridronate treatment have been working hard for years on assembling the right team of specialized professional, with the ambition to find a solid treatment for Fibromyalgia. The treatment is now available, and Medical Tourism Italy is ready to allow international patients to access this durable and scientifically tested plan, which when followed thoroughly can assure remission.

  • Women suffering from Fibromyalgia Globally
  • Women who are diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Globally
  • Countries that have developed a solid treatment plan Globally

Our Treatment

This treatment is followed by an exceptional team of doctors coming from different specilizations. They work as a team to follow the protocol in order to obtain the best possible result: the Rheumatologist, Osteopatist, Massotherapist, Psichologist and our Personal Health Planner all work as one and have all the attentions on a single patient.

The treatment is about one year long and it is divided in five phases in which the person will come to the hospital four times, throughout the year, to undergo a total of 40 intensive days of medical treatment with our professionals and where they will receive instructions to continue on following the treatment, once back home, before the following medical appointment in Italy.

Phase 1: clinical rheumatological evaulation with Dr. Biasi

Phase 2: I.V. therapy, administering the designed pharmacological therapy with certified and expert nurse staff and your Personal Health Planner

Phase 3: Ostheopaty and Rehabilitation program with Bottom-Up approach, to retrain your brain and your body in working seamlessly and regaining control over your periferic neural system

Phase 4: CBT Therapy with specialized Doctors following only cases of Chronic Pain Fighters, personal Coaching on adapting lifestyle changes to allow healing as well as a correct ” Fibromyalgia diet “.

Phase 5: Mio-Relaxant Treatments in the Clinic with Postural correction and Massotherapy

Phase 6: With three days of rest between one treatment and the next, this olistic phase merges together the Rest and Recovery with the pharmacological therapy needed in between the sessions.


Feel free to contact our specialized Personal Health Planners for a more detailed description of the process.

All with the assistance of your Personal Health Planner

The Personal Health Planner doesnt just take care of all your paperwork and organizing your stay in Italy from a medical point of view. We have several Touristic packages, depending on your mood, availability to travel around, health situation and interests. Request a detailed brochure to have a look at all the possibilities that Italy has to offer to make your therapeutic plan and unforgettable and pleasant experience.

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