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No matter how complex or intricate the clinical challenge, Gamma Knife surgery delivers the highest levels of physician and patient satisfaction.

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Gamma Knife® surgery is unique in that no surgical incision is made to expose the inside of the brain, thereby reducing the risk of surgical complications and eliminating the side effects and dangers of general anesthesia. The “blades” of the Gamma Knife® are the beams of gamma radiation programmed to target the lesion at the point where they intersect. In a single treatment session, 201 beams of gamma radiation focus precisely on the lesion. Over time, most lesions slowly decrease in size and dissolve. The exposure is brief and only the tissue being treated receives a significant radiation dose, while the surrounding tissue remains unharmed.
The same as neurosurgery, the Gamma Knife® allows noninvasive cerebral surgery to be performed in one session and with extreme precision, sparing tissues adjacent to the target. Based on preoperative radiological examinations, such as CT scans, MR scans and angiography, the unit provides highly accurate irradiation of deep-seated targets, using a multitude of collimated beams of ionizing radiation with scalpel-like precision.


The Gamma Knife is an advanced radiation treatment for adults and children with small to medium brain tumors, abnormal blood vessel formations called arteriovenous malformations, epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, a nerve condition that causes chronic pain, and other neurological conditions.

Conditions for which the Gamma Knife is considered most effective are:

  • Intracranial tumors such as acoustic
    • neuromas
    • pituitary adenomas
    • pinealomas
    • craniopharyngiomas
    • meningiomas
    • chordomas
    • chondrosarcomas
    • metastases
    • glial tumors
  •    Vascular malformations including arteriovenous malformations.
  •    Functional disorders such as
    • trigeminal neuralgia
    • obsessive-compulsive disorder
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