Medical Tourism Italy is well known for its top level selection of internationally awarded Medical Doctors; keeping the same level of uncompromised excellence, we have carefully selected the best hotels and rooms for our clients to stay in, with lots of benefits for the overall experience.

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The Excellence Treatment

That our Patients deserve

When you are suffering from a condition and you have been literally searching the world to find the Best Doctors for your Treatment, choosing to pursue your Therapy plan can be challenging; crossing Countries and Oceans, to land in a Wonderful place with a different Culture.

That’s why Medical Tourism Italy has created an excellent Trip & Service offer sustained by our Personal Health Planners, who have been creating unique conventions with the best Hospitality facilities in the surrounding areas of the Hospitals we work with;

These facilities are not just astonishing beautiful places where to rest and recover but have all the commodities a Patient might need. Upon request, we can have any kind of accessory to your room to make your stay perfect and tailored to your needs, while not compromising the incomparable experience of staying in Italy and enjoying the Culture, Food and warm kindness of the Staff.


Here is a breakdown of the kind of Rooms we generally offer, divided in three areas: Classic, Superior and Prestige.

Please do read further down this list to get to know all the different combinations of services possible that a Personal Health Planner can organize for you.

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Roomy, comfortable and quiet rooms to enjoy, excellent if you are going to be here for a short stay.

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Junior Suites and Family Rooms, for those who expect more than just hospitality for them and their caretaker.

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Royal Suites with Jacuzzi and the Highest-Class Italian Furniture, Design and Service.

More Options

With Medical Tourism Italy, you can fully customize your experience. 

We work with several Hotels, Restaurants and other Hospitality Facilities, and we strive to give to the patients the best that Italy has to offer. The packages are divided into three groups, but the customization possibilities are virtually endless.

Talk to a Patient Care Coordinator for a deeper insight on what can be arranged for you!

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Room typologies

There are several facilities distributed among Vicenza, Verona and their surroundings. The facilities we have chosen are not changeable, as only in this way we can be sure that they will have the structure and training to receive our patients.

  • We have standard, double and triple rooms in the Classic package.
  • The same applies to the Deluxe Rooms and the Superior ones.
  • We have several types of Suites, from the Junior Suite, to the Standard ones.
  • For those of you who want a really unique experience, we have a Royal Suite and access to:
    • the SPA
    • Swimming Pool
    • Gym
    • Jacuzzi

All of what’s above is the result of a tailoring of the service we can offer, based on the patient’s needs. 

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Enriching your experience

Excellent cuisine and winery, a Country founded on the Respect for Culture, Art and nutrition; it’s difficult to go wrong when choosing to visit Italy for Medical reasons. And yet, that’s why we have chosen so carefully the structures we work with and we prefer not to list them on a public page. We strive so hard to guarantee to our patients a unique service, and each case is different.

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Talk to a Personal Health Planner

Our Team of Personal Health Planner is always ready to take your calls and email for free consultations and information request.