Marco Franceschin

Specialist in General Surgery and Proctology

Dr. Marco Franceschin, a specialist in general surgery, has always devoted himself to the study of colorectal and proctological pathologies and disorders of the pelvic floor. After a long experience abroad in the best colorectal surgery clinics, he now collaborates with numerous centers in Veneto, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

Diagnostics and Treatment

Do not be afraid! The proctological examination, conducted by an expert professional, is not painful and is often enough to arrive at a diagnostic hypothesis and solve the problems that disturb you. No specific preparation is required and is conducted in a suitable, clean and discreet environment. Your confidence and comfort are our priority.

In the most common pathologies, treatment, if painless and non-invasive, can often be performed directly in the clinic.

Thanks to the proctological examination you will also be able to understand if pelvic floor rehabilitation can help you solve small problems of incontinence, motor incoordination or chronic pain.

Finally, remember, prevention first of all. if you are already 45, the first colonoscopy, as a colorectal cancer prevention exam, can save your life!

Anorectal manometry

Painless outpatient examination that assesses the functional integrity of the pelvic floor

Anal fistula treatment

Surgical treatment of anal fistulas and abscesses

Proctological visit with anoscopy

Complete proctological examination with anoscopy and rectoscopy

Transanal 3D ultrasound

Transanal 3D ultrasound for the assessment of the integrity of the sphincter apparatus and the diagnosis of fistulas and anorectal abscesses.

Hemorrhoidal ligation

Painless outpatient hemorrhoidal ligation.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of the pelvic floor using kinesitherapy, biofeedback and electrostimulation.


Something about the doctor…

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Parma, he specializes in General Surgery at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. He deepened his studies in the field of colon proctology and pelvic floor diseases initially at the Pelvic Floor Center in Montecchio in Emilia and later at the Cleveland Clinic in Florida and the Colorectal Surgery Unit of the University of Oxford.

He held the position of Senior Lecturer at the National Reference Center for Colorectal Diseases of University College Dublin.

He has developed his skills mainly in the field of colorectal and pelvic floor disorders.

He works as a medical director at IRCSS Policlinico San Donato and collaborates as a consultant with numerous pelvic floor surgery and rehabilitation centers throughout the national territory.

He has participated in numerous international scientific congresses as a speaker and is the author of numerous publications at international level.

He is a member of ESCP (European Society of Colonproctology) and IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders)



-Anal pain

-Anal bleeding

-Hemorrhoidal disease (acute and chronic)

-Anal fissures

-Perianal abscesses and fistulas


-Pelvic pain

-Pelvic neuropathic pain

-Faecal incontinence

-Perianal dermatitis

-Neoplasms of the anus and rectum

-Rectal prolapse


-Obstructed defecation


-Frequent abdominal pain

-Irritable bowel syndrome

-Diverticulosis of the colon

-Examination control (haematochemical and endoscopic)

-Proctological emergencies: anal pain caused by acute perianal abscess and acute hemorrhoidal   thrombophlebitis (hemorrhoidal crisis)

-Surgical wound dressings (general)




-General surgical visit

-Colon-proctological visit


–Hemorrhoidal ligation

Thrombosed hemorrhoid incision

-Visit for pelvic floor rehabilitation

-Anorectal manometry

-Removal of skin lesions

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Dott. Marco Franceschin


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