Ketamine vs Neridronate for CRPS

Finding the right treatment for CRPS is a difficult journey for patients outside Italy, where Neridronate is not available. It’s also difficult for patients to understand what is best for their health on the long term, due to the lack of informations on this specific condition. Here is a breakdown of Ketamine vs Neridronate in the treatment of CRPS/RSD.

It is no secret that in the lack of an official therapy plan validated in Countries outside of Italy, palliative pain management is advertised as the only choice for the care of this condition.

Unfortunately, Ketamine and other Opioids (including Pregabelin and Gabapentin and other neurologically active medications) have a long list of side effects. Moreover, Ketamine is a heavy duty drug that is highly likely to create sever addiction, together with more controversial side effects and a non-permanent solution for pain management.

Here is the data about Neridronate Treatment vs Ketamine palliative therapy; scientific proofs in the bibliography underneath.



  • Immediate pain relief for up to three months after treatment
  • infusions session last 14 days
  • Complicated pharmacokinetics and side effects
  • Pre-emptive benefit (not demonstrated)
  • Psychotomimetic profile (how it acts in a person’s psychology)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sympatho-activation
  • Effects on cognitive functions
  • Risk of misuse and dependence
  • Risk of worsening mood and depression over time
  • The pain relief effects have an always smaller length
  • Pain relief is permanent due to its absorption
  • Re-call: one only, if needed
  • It is approved by Italian Healthcare and is a standard procedure for CRPS treatment
  • No psychological effect
  • No dependence risk
  • It is absorbed by bones
  • No known side effects other than slight flu-like symptoms
  • Joint pain in the immediate days after the infusion
  • It reaches its full effect a couple of months after treatment




More intel about Neridronate Treatment’s efficacy

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