Prof. Dr. Roberto Girelli

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Dott. Roberto Girelli is a Pancreatic Surgeon and Head of the Centre for Complementary Therapies for the Cure of Pancreatic Cancer at Pederzoli Hospital in Verona, Italy.

In 1988, he degrees at Verona University and Specialization in General Surgery with highest honours. In 1993, specialization in Thoracic Surgery at Verona University.

Dr. Girelli is author or co-author of 133 publications on Surgery, and took part, as spokesman, in many National and International Congresses. In 1986, he got the SIMAD 4 prize for the best scientific contribution.

In 1988 and 1999 congresses he was assigned the prize for the best Original Scientific Contribution. From February 2007 he’s the Head of the experimental project about the application of radio-frequency on locally advanced pancreatic neoplasias. In July 2014, at the International Symposium on Pancreatic Cancer which took place in Verona, he received the mention for the scientific contribution on pancreatic Neoplasias research.

From 2006 to 2015, he was head of the Pancreatic Surgery Unit at the Pederzoli Hospital From 2016, he’s the head of the centre for complementary therapies for the cure of Pancreatic Cancer.