Patient’s Journey

How do they take one of the biggest steps of their lives, with us.

Medical Tourism Italy started years ago with the goal of providing assistance to as many patients possible, worldwide, for their treatments in our country. Italy being the only country in the world providing the Neridronate infusions treatment following the study conducted here, by our very own Dr. Silvano Adami, we have made it one of MTI’s first duty to help CRPS patients in accessing it. Traveling for treatment is no easy task. Going through the years, we constantly updated our services in order to create perfectly personalized packages adapted to every single one of our patients. From the moment they get in touch with us, to the moment they fly back to their home country, everything will be meticulously organized. So, what does it mean, to be in the hands of the professionals of MTI?

CRPS patients usually go through a lot of research on their own as, unfortunately, plenty doctors aren’t aware of CRPS nor the possibilities of treatment available for it. Most of our patients find us online, while researching for available treatment. Once they have contacted us, a Patient Care Coordinator will get in touch with them, within the next working day, to initiate the conversation and reply to any question the patient might have. The first step is the evaluation of the patient’s case, which is done through examination of some of the medical records such as their diagnosis and recent blood work. This is to understand if they can expect a good outcome and can safely undergo the Neridronate infusions. 

Once the patient is approved for treatment by one of the Rheumatologists we work with, he is instantaneously informed by his Patient Care Coordinator. From this point, we would need to know what kind of assistance the patient is looking for. As mentioned, we provide a wide range of services in order to help as much as we can. Patients can decide to let us organize it all, from the accommodation including all meals for both themselves and their caregivers, to the transportation throughout the trip, travel insurance for their time in Italy, assistance with translation and support at the hospital, sightseeing days, etc… The selection of side therapies for their treatment week will also be decided at this point, as we side the Neridronate infusions with few therapies in order to maximize the chances of remission. Rehabilitative therapy, Perineural Injection Therapy, Light therapy, and more, are available to choose from, after recommendation from our doctors.

From there, a couple of forms have to be filled up, following Italian Law, in order to start treatment in our country, and you’re sorted! The Patient Care Coordinator will be organizing it all, so that patients find everything ready on their arrival.

A Personal Health Planner will be trusted to follow each patient and will become their “shadow” for the whole trip. They are the person you will see every day, from the airport pick-up where you will be met by the young professional. He/She will then drive you to your hotel and make sure you are settled properly. You will be given a timetable with all the information on your weekly program: from medical visits to touristic afternoons. The same Planner will pick you up every morning to bring you to your medical appointments and doctor’s visits. They are all bilingual individuals with advanced knowledge in medical terms in both languages. 

Touristic days will be organized depending on the patient’s feelings, weather and free time in between treatments. Health Planners are aware of the difficulties some patients have with long walks, or change of weather, and will not take you anywhere that is not appropriate. Wheelchairs and crutches are always available, on request, and you can even keep them during your whole trip if you feel the need. 

Once your treatment week is over, and it’s time to go home, your Personal Health Planner (who, by this time, has already become family!) will bring you back to the airport, following your whole trip online making sure it goes as it should.

Both your Health Planner and your Patient Care Coordinator will stay in touch with you for the 6 months following your treatment, in order to monitor your improvements, and act as a bridge between yourself and the doctor who followed you in Italy, if you have any question once you are back home.

The whole experience is to be lived like a unique journey. Not only a durable treatment for one of the most painful diseases involving chronic pain, but an unforgettable trip for all Warriors.

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