What are the Real Benefits for Patients

Medical Tourism. What is it? Simply put, it is the action of travelling for medical purposes. More specifically, it is one of the latest consequences of Globalization. Of course, every country followed their own path in the development of their society and healthcare. This means every country has specific areas in which they excel and others in which they fall behind. When we talk about health, people are ready to do the maximum they can and look for the best treatments, even if it means taking a plane to do so

In a more concerning aspect, unfortunately, some countries also do not have access to some specific treatments or therapies. Some others do, but at outrageous prices. Medical Tourism is also a way to access medical help you would not get in your own country. As a result, for years now, people have started considering getting treated far from home. More and more, all around the globe, Medical Tourism is growing, evolving and improving. 

For example, Finland was found to be the leading country in Cancer care and research. Brazil on another hand, is worldly renowned for its cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery business and attracted about 300.000 international patients to the country in 2018 only. When Malaysia sees well over half a million international patients a year, India has also witnessed a yearly 25% growth in the number of its foreign patients.

Of course, travelling for medical purposes can seem like quite an impressive thing to do. At times, patients fear the trip would be too exhausting, or that going to another country would just be too difficult to handle and would be far from an enjoyable experience. We beg to differ! What we came to understand is that the touristic part of the patient’s treatment trip is actually an essential part of their rehabilitation.

Emotions are strongly connected to physical well-being. Mind-body connection is stronger than we think: a relaxed mind will help your body in the most positive and healthy way. Visiting new environments, tasting new foods, discovering a new culture, sleeping in, eating out: it creates a comfortable bubble around the patient, which will ease the whole recovery process.

We have studied to understand how to provide the best touristic entertainment for our patients in a way that would benefit them the most. We are always studying touristic paths accessible for everyone, while always making sure they feel good enough to keep going and having them discover fantastic hidden jewels nobody knows about. 

Of course, Medical tourism has to be done in a clever way: stressing for the organization of it all might just add more anxiety to the whole travel. This is how Medical Tourism Italy (MTI) was born. With the idea to take in our hands the planning of every single detail of the patient’s trip. Being the main pillar of Medical Tourism in Italy, we have worked hard and for many years, to create connections with all the best facilities around us, while always staying updated on all the medical news of the country. This way, not only we can promise excellence in our services, but also in the patient’s medical care.

From the accommodation to the transportation, translating, travel insurance, sightseeing days and, of course, total planification of all medical appointments accompanied by a bilingual interpreter, we have everything under control. 

The goal is to allow the patient to relax during his trip, while having all details supervised by trained professionals, in order to provide an unforgettable experience in the country that was ranked 2nd best HealthCare in the world in 2020.

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