Your Doctors


We have worked for years in building the strongest and most reliable network of Medical Research Professors and Doctors in Italy; internationally awarded and respected for their extensive contribution to the international research, development and evolution of the Medical Procedure, they will be at your service together with us, in your path to recovery.

Prof. Dr. Stefano Zanasi

Prolotherapy and Surgical Procedures

Prof.  Dr. Stefano Zanasi is the head of Orthopaedics and Biotechnologies department at Tuscan Surgical Center of Arezzo …

Prof. Dr. Adolfo Panfili

Orthomolecular & Surgical Orthopedy

Dr. Adolfo Panfili is a surgeon specializing in Orthopedics at the Catholic University Sacro Cuore in Rome …

Prof. Dr. Sandro Bordin

Otolaryngology & Audiology

Dr. Sandro Bordin is currently Head Physician of the C.O.U.O. and AUDIOLOGY of the S.Sp. Giovanni and Paolo from Venice …

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Antonini

Urology & Andrology

Dr. Gabriele Antonini specialized in Aesthetic and Reconstructive Andrological Surgery of male genitals at UCLH University in London

Prof. Dr. Giampiero Salvati


Dr. Giampiero Salvati is a specialist in rheumatology, musculoskeletal ultrasound, ultrasound guided infiltration therapy and Prolotherapy.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Pederzoli

General Surgery

Professor Paolo Pederzoli works at the “P. Pederzoli” Hospital in Peschiera del Garda, which was founded by his founder …

Dr. Giovanni Butturini

Pancreatic & General Surgery

Dr. Giovanni Butturini specializes in General Surgery and is a Pancreatic Surgery expert mainly dealing with tumors…

Prof. Dr. Roberto Girelli

Pancreatic & General Surgery 

Dr. Roberti Girelli, an expert in General Surgery and Thoracic Surgery, is a leading national medical figure …

Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Martella

Head of Gastroentherology

Dr. Fabrizio Martella is the head of Gastroentherology at Verona’s Pederzoli Hospital, one of the best facilities …

Prof. Dr. Daniela Righetti

Head of Rheumatology 

Dr. Daniela Righetti is our main counselor and point of reference for CRPS and other rheumatologic conditions …
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