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Hello, my name is Federica, and I am an MTI Personal Health Planner.

This is the Testimony for Candice, on of the CRPS Division‘s Patients
We took a break during a day of tourism to enjoy the beautiful sunny day in Vicenza, and we had a small chat about how it feels to be an MTI’s Patient.
Here is her story:
Meet Candice, She had RSD CRPS and applied for the Neridronate Treatment Trial in the USA; unfortunately, she got the Placebo, and when she was going to get the actual medication, the Trail was halted (as it was not designed following the Italian Protocol, which is the patented and working one).
She have travelled to Italy and trusted the CRPS Treatment Division by Medical Tourism Italy. This is her Testimony with her Personal Health Planner Federica; Please spread the word about the only way in getting Neridronate Treatment, the best hope out there for CRPS RSD Patients, not simply aiming to reduce the symptoms, but to fight the source of the inflammation. To learn more informations and read all the scientific data, read www.crps-treatment.com/truth-for-neridronate

Listen to her Testimony!

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