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The Personal Health Planners are Medical Tourism Italy’s very point of pride and Company’s flagship, as a founding part of the whole concept of “Personalized Healthcare“.

They are the trained professionals who will take care of the patient, focusing on his interest, creating a trust bond and making sure that all the professionals involved in the case work at the same pace for a single goal: Delivering the best Healthcare experience possible.

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What are Personal Health Planners?

A Personal Health Planner is Medical Tourism Italy’s distinctive feature, as a grounding element to our Patient Centered Approach.

Our Personal Health Planners are experienced professionals who are equivalent to a native English speaker, as one of the most important parts of their job is to make communication easy and effortless for you. They will be your personal interpreter for the whole time of your stay. They have been trained in the knowledge of all the symptomatology and all the medical language relative to the conditions that MTI helps with; therefore they will always know what to do and what not to do, and they are going to work for you in arranging all the accessory requests for your hospitality, food and entertainment.

They will also be with you during the therapies, they will translate your medical reports and make sure that you never feel vulnerable in a foreign country, but actually safe and in extremely good hands.

Moreover, the Personal Health Planner is a strongly emphatic person; they are open in creating bonds where trust, reliability and understanding are the fundamental part of the patient’s experience, and even though they are ready to be with you 24/7, they will discretely leave you to your privacy when you do not desire their service.

A Health Planner is also a friendly face to have with you during your stay in Italy. They have been working with many patients and they are aware of the struggle you are going through. This is a precious asset to have during the challenging times of being abroad for therapy.

We are here, just for you.

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Senior Personal Health Planner

After I had my interview for the job, I got my very first Crps Patient. She didn’t look ill to me, she simply explained “I’m in pain”.
I didn’t get the meaning of “in pain” immediately. But when I met my second patient all became clear.
CRPS warriors are my inspiration to go through my day and my job knowing I’m making a difference.


Senior Personal Health Planner

I am Diego and I chose to work with Medical Tourism Italy because I think that the future of Healthcare is to become global. My studies thought me how to be empathic with people going through hard times.
I have always believed that the best things can come out of the worse and I try my best to pass this message on to the people I assist.

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Senior Personal Health Planner

More than once, on first contact over the phone, I was told by patients in tears how much of a relief it was to finally talk to someone who knew, someone who understood. That is always the first step in the long lasting, beautiful connection that is built between a patient and his Personal Health Planner.

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Your Personal Health Planner will be available to you at all times, including during the whole Treatment.


You won’t feel lost or not in control. Your Personal Health Planner will translate everything for you at any time.


When you’re back home, we will monitor your progress and keep you in touch with your Italian Doctors.

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