Personalized Healthcare

The future of Medical Care

Not your average preventive care.

Most of the patients worldwide do not have access to a dedicated medical preventive care with a family practictioner. Yet, even for those who do have a general practictioner, when a specific condition strikes, patients feel like a cork in the ocean on how to properly address the situation, especially when they’re dealing with complicated or rare conditions.

Generally these conditions involve several different affected areas of your body. A specific organ or department might be affected, yet our body is a completely synchornized and intertwained organism. Take Algodistrophy as an example (CRPS/RSD): it is a rheumatological condition requiring an extremely specialized doctor who has a specific and long lasting experience regarding how to treat it; but the damage made by the condition extends far more from just the nervous system. It involves inflamatory processes, alterations of the skin, the muscles and bone structures, not to mention the psychologic condition of the patient, it alters the posture and many other consequences of the above.

This means that for each specific condition is needed a whole team of specialized doctors focusing on your specific case, taking care in a dedicated Patient Centered Approach of all the issues caused by the condition, to organize a personalized healthcare therapy plan which is goal driven. 

Your Personal Task Force

At the price of most standard procedures*

Thanks to our extended network of Top Level Clinics and Specialized Doctors respected and known worldwide for their specific field of expertise, we craft our services based on a customized plan. Our Scientific partners design a custom state of the art treatment for a specific condition, and we work closely with them to make sure they have all the resources they need to accomplish the goals; plus, we work with international patients to allow them to reach this unique opportunity in finding better treatments, better care, and a higher success rate prospect.

Our Medical partners are strongly motivated to deliver the best personalized healthcare plan possible, making the goal of the treatment the success rate. In a traditional healthcare system, hundreds of patients are treated daily. Consequently, patients are considered as numbers to manage, instead of people to care for. Moreover, due to this overcrowding of patients, the connection networks between the various medical departments and specialists necessary for a multidisciplinary approach is often flawed and does not function as well as it should. With our approach, we have built a team fully dedicated to every single patient, thus a treatment path able to offer a greater success rate.

*Accordingly to the US standard procedure prices

Internationally awarded Doctors
at your service.

Here are some of the best Specialized Medical Doctors we work with in Italy; they are all Masters in their field of specialization, and they have all designed a specific treatment plan for several chornic and disabling conditions. Find more about all the Doctors we work with on the dedicated page.

Dr. Stefano Zanasi

Dr. Stefano Zanasi

Orthopedic & Traumatologist

Dr. Gabriele Antonini

Dr. Gabriele Antonini


Dr. Sandro Bordin

Dr. Sandro Bordin


Dr. Adolfo Panfili

Dr. Adolfo Panfili

Orthopedic Surgeon

Doctors, united.

In creating our Network of highly specialized Doctors and Research Teams, we had a very clear Mission in mind: creating an environment in which the rules in patients-doctors match making switches from treating many patients all together, the Medical Team focuses on one at a time.

How we choose our Medical Partners


Internationally Awarded Specialized Doctors

A fundamental aspect of our job is Networking. We carefully select the best Doctors in their fields and create unique collaborations, meant to deliver the best healthcare to international patients.


Medical University Researchers and Research teams

We work side by side with the most qualified Italian Medical Universities for reasearch and the latest technologies and protocols regarding Healthcare and Patient’s quality of life.


Patented breakthrough treatments for rare conditions.

Last but not least, we do not work with aesthetic surgery centers, hair growth, cosmetic surery or dentistry. We only focus on those rare conditions for which Italy is the best destination possible. 

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