Neurorehabilitation with robotics

enables effective and motivating high-intensity therapy, whose numerous repetitions of movements encourage neuroplasticity of the brain

most sophisticated robotic devices

top professionals

working hours of therapy

Glavic Clinic is a Croatian company for neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation with physical therapy and robotic neurorehabilitation. In Glavic Clinic, neurorehabilitation is carried out following the unique GLARTH concept of treatment together with the rehabilitation on the 30 most sophisticated robotic devices. This enables doctors and therapists to put their patients at the heart of rehabilitation and to work together towards achieving the goal of a better tomorrow.

More than 27 years of work is behind Glavic Clinic. All this time the Clinic has been striving towards one goal: a satisfied patient. Only when this goal is being met, the Clinic’s mission has been accomplished and it makes the team want to be even better and to make even greater progress.

GLAVIC Clinic has been actively working for more than 27 years, while the most significant step has been made 7 years ago when we started with robotic neurorehabilitation. The unique concept of robotic neurorehabilitation was launched and it was present in only institution in Southeastern Europe. The aim of this concept is neurorehabilitation for adults and kids with motor disorders caused by neurological, traumatic or other disorder or disease.

With an extremely wide experience we become Reference Center for EMEA region for 4 global leading companies for robotic devices, with over 1.000 treated patients and the continuing investment in knowledge and the most advanced technology. Leader in development and application of the most modern guidelines in field of robotic neurorehabilitation on global level.

The robotic neurorehabilitation centers of GLAVIC Clinic in Croatia are currently in 3 locations and in next two years will be opened in 6 European countries.

The team is consists of 120 top professionals (neurologists, specialist of physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurosurgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists …) in the combination with more than 30 latest robotic devices having usage more than 120.000 working hours of therapy which leads to greater experience. GLAVIC Clinic ensures a systematic and individual approach as well as multidisciplinary coordination and implementation of the unique GLARTH PROTOCOL for the patient.

Unique concept in robotic neurorehabilitaion

GLARTH method of treatment

GLARTH is an abbreviation of Glavic Robotic Therapy. The unique and most successful concept of robotic neurorehabilitation was created based on many years of experience with numerous successfully rehabilitated patients. The GLARTH protocol is a unique combination of conventional and robotic neurorehabilitation therapies, individually created for adult patients and children depending on their medical condition, clinical picture, diagnosis and the mutually agreed goal of therapy in coordination with the patient and family. Neurorehabilitation with robotics enables effective and motivating high-intensity therapy, whose numerous repetitions of movements encourage neuroplasticity of the brain.

Rehabilitation for many different and specific diagnosis:




Traumatic brain injury


Spinal cord injuries


Cerebral palsy


Multiple sclerosis


Parkinson’s disease






Degenerative joint diseases


Spinal muscular atrophy


Any motoric deficit caused by neurological disease

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