What is it like to have your health cared for from the other side of the Ocean? 

When a patient needs a treatment abroad, the things to handle are far more than simply get a doctor’s appointment and drive there. One has to think about airports, taxis, a map of the area, language barriers… Basically, all that travelling for vacation implies but with the downside that you are in pain. 

MTI’s patients know well how such an overwhelming task is lifted from their shoulders as well as their caretakers’ from the very moment they get in touch with MTI’s Health Planners [link: https://www.medicaltourismitaly.com/personal-health-planners/] Unit. 

Through our many channels, media and contact options, patients can easily get a hold of a Patient Care Coordinator who will not only answer in details [FAQ link?] all their questions but also guide them through the steps that do separate them from the treatment. The Health Planner assigned to the patient is much more than a facilitator or translator: he or she will be like a best buddy to their patient, thinking ahead of what is necessary for each phase of the process [ link to: https://www.medicaltourismitaly.com/full-list-of-services/] that will eventually become the journey to an effective treatment. 

Communication will be held both via phone calls and via emails, so to fix the main information in written form. Infographic leaflets and other small guidelines printables will also be shared. The patient, therefore, will have easy access to all the data necessary for them to outline how their own Application Process, Stay Over and Follow-Up will look like. 

The initial phase (Application Process) will start after the Health Planner and the patient get to know each other: this will allow the Patient Care Coordinator to figure out the condition the person is suffering from, hence, already envision which Clinic, Specialist Doctor and potential Therapy Paths could help the patient. Some medical records will be necessary, then, to be translated and sent to the Doctors to evaluate the case and confirm the best Therapy Path for each patient. 

MTI is highly aware of what it means for our patients and their caretaker to have a good rest after a long flight or after the day at the hospital for treatment. Therefore, the Health Planner will then lead on to figure out the practical phase (Stay Over): dates available for treatment to be matched with flight times, the best airport to fly into, making sure whether some additional aid is needed (wheelchair, crutches, memory foam pillow and the like). Finally the location and accommodation will be discussed. 

Everything will be summed up into an estimate document and sent it over to the patient via email. All bureaucracy will be broken down into signing a few forms, thus ensuring our patients and their family to be lawfully admitted into the Italian territory. From then on, it is 

only about waiting for the date of departure to approach, pack and fly over to meet with the “Italian best friend” at the exit of the airport. 

Following a Weekly Timetable tailored to both the patient’s and caregiver’s needs and treatments hours, the Health Planner will be there both for the critical moments, during the visits and the treatment, and for the fun time, visiting the beauties of the Italian culture, art, history as much as shopping for souvenirs and enjoying the Italian cuisine. 

On the last day, check-out will be taken care of by the Health Planner as well as the return to the airport for the flight back home. 

What has been the life changing experience will not disappear the moment our patients arrive in their homecountry: the very same Health Planner who followed them this far will still be there cheering about the improvements and being a support during the down moments of readjusting to the usual routine.