Sandro Bordin

Specialist surgeon in ENT-Audiology-Otoneurosurgery

DIRECTOR – of the Venice International Otolaryngology and Audiology Network

Areas of Intervention

Dr. Sandro Bordin can operate in all the following areas in complete autonomy.

With more than 10,000 interventions in the ENT field, he is ABSOLUTELY the best doctor in the sector.



Otoneurosurgery is a specialized branch of otolaryngology that deals with pathologies that arise in the anatomical areas below the skull base or tumors affecting the facial acoustic nerves.

Pediatric Otolaryngology

This branch of otolaryngology is interested in patients at a young age and is divided into normal pediatric otolaryngology and special pediatric otolaryngology

Cochlear implants

Cochlear implants are prostheses that allow patients who are totally deaf or with very severe sensorineural deafness to recover their hearing. The pioneers of these technologies were the scientists of the HOUSE EAR INSTITUTE who designed an electronic system that transforms sound vibrations into electrical impulses.

Ear Surgery

Ear surgery has developed in recent decades thanks to the use of the operating microscope, subsequently the techniques of radiological diagnostics, axial tomography and magnetic resonance have enabled timely and accurate diagnostics. Electronic technology then made possible what seemed impossible (cochlear implants).

Cranial Nerve Surgery

In the field of otolaryngology, there are often pathologies involving the cranial nerves and for which surgery is required.

Nasal and sinus surgery

Nasal surgery has evolved a lot in recent years thanks to the use of the endoscope and the operating microscope. These tools allow you to use minimally invasive techniques, significantly reducing post-operative pain. The effectiveness of minimally invasive techniques is remarkable and allows for the stable resolution of many nasal problems.

Something about the doctor…

Date of birth



Specialist surgeon in ENT-Audiology-Otoneurosurgery

Current assignment


Educational qualification

He graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Padua on 17.07.1978, with full marks and honors.

He specialized in Otolaryngology on 16.07.81 with full marks and honors.

He specialized in Audiology on 07.17.89 at the University of Ferrara with full marks.

Operative cases

Operations carried out: Dr. Bordin has performed more than 10,000 interventions in the ENT field.

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Dott. Sandro Bordin


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