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You'll make plenty of decisions during pregnancy, and choosing where to give birth — whether in a hospital or in a birth center setting — is one of the most important.



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Given the complexity of childbirth, it’s essential to give at the mother and the unborn child the best medical treatment to guarantee the beginning of this path in the best way.

Childbirth can be natural or made by caesarean.

During a natural childbirth, the mother will be assisted by a specialized team of doctors and nurses to ensure the regular outcome of the childbirth and to quickly respond at any complication. It can be provided an epidural to reduce the pain caused by the childbirth.

In case of need or preference of your medic, childbirth can be done by cesarean section. It consists in a simple surgical operation by which the surgeon cut the skin and the tissue under the skin of the woman, then he separates the abdominal muscles and finally he opens the amniotic sac to extract the baby. The last part concerns the removal of the placenta, in a manner similar to natural childbirth, and the uterus cleaning. Finally the surgerer re-stitches the tissues and the skin. Usually it is not required general anesthesia, so the mother can touch her son immediately. The surgery usually takes no more than 30-45 minutes.

The drugs given at the mother do not interfere with breastfeeding. Complications are rare for this type of intervention, but may include bleeding and fevers. Generally, the recovery is longer than in case of natural childbirth and it will take at least 24 hours before the mother can walk again.