Objectives of a MTI Collaborator

Setting expectation for clear goals

medical tourism italy spa

1.) Personal Communication

In healthcare, only “word of mouth” counts. Trust is passed on from person to person, advertising doesn’t count, so focus on personal approach and limit mass communications

2.) Patients reach out only when sick

All patients always try to “find a way” to heal or at least improve their situation; it must be the patient looking for us, we have to testify to the goodness of the treatment and back it up with the testimonies that we have (keep them handy).

medical tourism italy spa
medical tourism italy spa

3.) Understand our service - we are on the patient's side

We have no agreements with clinics/doctors. MTI brings patients to the best clinics according to the specific disease. Ex: There are many tumors (exactly 132 known types), well MTI brings the patients to hospitals according to the type of tumor; we take them where the results are “officially the best” – according to the AGENAS data sheets, best in the world.

4.) We are Our Word-of-mouth, so always follow the chain of trust

1. MTI Medical Tourism Italy is the right destination for each treatment.

2. The MANAGER, being certain of the quality offered by MTI, personally guarantees the godness of MTI to the Testimonial.

3. The testimonials acquires the trust of the MANAGEMENT MANAGER and it turn transmits and guarantees the certainty personally to the final customer. (perhaps through the doctor or nurse of pharmacy)

medical tourism italy spa
medical tourism italy spa

5.) Hold the vision trust the process

MTI web masters and SMM Social Media Managers will costantly assist the Testimonials with the editorial plan and with the general inserts the be included in the varius social networks. In addition, every testimonial will be able to expands the inserts according to thir knowledge of the cutoms and particularities of the area they are targeting.

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1. What is the job about?

We are currently looking for professionals in the Medical field. More in particular: Rheumatologists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Nurses and Pharmacists in the different Areas that will be assigned to each MTI Collaborator. The Areas, for now, are the USA, Russia and Latin America with their respective languages.

2. What do I have to do?

The goal of each MTI Collaborator is to find, through LinkedIn (and, later on other social medias), people in different Areas who are in contact with the Medical Professional mentioned above. Those Professionals will later on be the bridge between us and potential clients suffering from the Rheumatological illness that we treat, called CRPS.

3. What qualities do I need to have for this job?

We are looking for a person who has a high knowledge of the language of the Area they will be working on (preferably if it is their mother tongue), someone who knows social medias well (in particular LinkedIn and Facebook), a person who is ambitious, believes in the cause and is ready to show their capabilities.

4. How do I get in contact with them?

The social that you will be using is LinkedIn, currently the platform that presents the biggest activity by Doctors and other professionals. While following the editorial calendar that contains all the posts that will be published on each LinkedIn account, the goal is to reach 500 connections that will allow you to have a wide range of professionals in your circle. That way, contacting them through private messages and interacting with them will be much easier.

5. How do I reach 500 connections fast?

It has been proven that it takes some time to reach 500 connections, but once you reach the first 100, everything goes much faster because your account is allowed to reach a wider audience. It’s a job that takes time and dedication, you have to persist and believe in what you are doing.

6. How much time do I have to spend on LinkedIn each day?

You can manage your time the way you best prefer. Of course, the goals are still really important and it depends on the person and how effective their work is, if they manage to reach them in a longer or shorter time.

7. How will I know what to tell the Doctors and where will I learn all the information regarding the illness?

MTI will make sure to give the collaborator all the necessary information they will need to be able to communicate with the different professional. We will provide an in-depth study of CRPS, with videos and articles by our doctors at Verona University; the collaborator will also be able to ask for clarifications at any time.

8. How many Testimonials must I find in each Area?

We think that the best and highest number for now is 5. It is hard to manage more than 5 people and we really want every single one of them to be followed in the best way. Once the number is higher, it is difficult to focus on each one individually.

9. Is it alright to contact people I already know in those Areas and that could help me find Testimonials?

Yes, of course. You are allowed to use your knowledge not only on the Area but also on the people who live there (in case of existing connections), as long as it brings the desired outcomes and allows you to work at your best.

10. How much will the payment be?

Each MTI collaborator will get the 10% of the Medical Expenses for every patient that comes thanks to one of their Testimonials/Agency. The collaborator will then later on decide how much of a percentage to give to the Testimonials and the Agency.

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